mercredi 21 novembre 2012

League Of Legends Riot Points Generator v2.6

League of Legends is one of the best real time strategy games and its similar to the also popular warcraft 3 map DotA . Its using the well established gameplay features of DotA and adds some of its own unique elements to the game. One of these elements is ability to choose your champion to play with and some these are free and some are bought using the Influence points and Riot points.

While Influence points are gained just by playing the game and the amount of IP gained depends on the outcome of the game , Riot points are bought online. You can buy riot points online at any dealer like bestbuy and gamestop , but the problem is they do cost quite a bit of money if you would like to buy more then couple of champions or skins and you must have credit card or paypal to buy it .

We all love the idea the have multiple champions and them having all those different skins , as well as boosts . Since Influence points are gained ingame the only problem for you would be how to get riot points. We are here to see how you can get all those things you like by downloading the free League Of Legends Riot Points Generator. The new giveaway system is revolutionary and actually uses the Riot Points Generator as a giveaway method and we will explain how it works now .

What Can You Buy With Riot Points?

  • Champions: Purchase champions to increase your playable champions.
  • Skins: Get skins for your favourite champions.
  • IP & XP Boosts: Increase the amount of experience and Influence Points you gain in every League of Legends game.
  • Name Change: A summoner name change, change your League of Legends name.
  • Rune Pages: Buy extra rune pages to give you more rune options. 
So download the League Of Legends Riot Points Generator for free, and start buying all the stuff as you want !

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